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  • Apricots $5/kg

    Apricots $5/kg

  • Nectarines $5/kg

    Nectarines $5/kg

  • Peaches $5/kg

    Peaches $5/kg

North Island delivery

Riverside provide a fruit and vegetable delivery service to the whole of the North Island of New Zealand. From Auckland to Wellington we have you covered.

Locally operated

We sell our produce at our own friendly shop on Napier Road in Ashhurst.

Riverside provide a free vegetable and fruit delivery service daily to local commercial customers. We specialise in supplying juice bars, restaurants, rest homes and households.

Family Owned

Riverside Orchards and Gardens is a third generation family business that has been growing fruit and vegetables for over 40 years in Ashhurst by the banks of the Manawatu River.